Welcome to Nifty Fifty !

Dear Guests,
Hello and welcome to Nifty Fifty.  A blog I will be utilizing to share my thoughts, Concepts, and ideas related to my work as a Fine Art Photographer.  From time to time, I will also conduct product reviews, and write about how I utilize a particular product when creating my photographs.  When possible,  I will also share links on where you can find products I have used or reviewed.

This site have been completedly redesigned.  Many pages are still in their infacy stages.  I am working as quickly as I can to get them populated with content for you to enjoy.

Coming Soon - “The Photo Shoppe” a page that will allow you to not only review my works online, but also purchase my works to add to your collection.

Coming Soon - ” My Affiliates” will be an page on my site where you will be able to quickly visit vendors that provide products or services that I use or have reviewed on this blog.

I kindly ask that you bookmark this site, and visit often as I work on finalizing the redesign and populate the site with content for you to enjoy.

Misael Fernandez Jr.